Despre partenerul nostru:  FLOW TRADERS

Flow Traders is a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider in a wide range of financial products. We ensure the provision of liquidity to support the uninterrupted functioning of financial markets. This allows investors to continue to buy or sell financial products under all market conditions. Our trading is underpinned by propriety technologies and algorithms, which enable seamless trading and competitive pricing.

Flow Traders has a rich history of innovation, founded in 2004 by Jan van Kuijk and Roger Hodenius, levering the growing popularity of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) in Europe.

By 2007, we provided liquidity in ETPs and related financial instruments on all major European exchanges and in the same year, our first international office was set up in Singapore. In 2009, our New York office was open and in 2010, we established a presence in Cluj, Romania, where part of our internal software development team is located.

2015 was a milestone year for Flow Traders as we successfully completed an IPO and became listed on Euronext Amsterdam. This also heralded the next phase in our journey as a company. Becoming a public company enabled us to create a bigger trading and technology footprint. It also expanded our shareholder base and significantly increased our profile and visibility, providing the opportunity to better connect with counterparties, regulators, investors, and future employees.

In 2017, Flow Traders started providing liquidity in Digital Assets and in 2018 we opened offices in Hong Kong and London. This was followed by Milan in 2020 and Paris in 2021. More recently, Flow Traders also provides liquidity in different asset classes such as Commodities, Foreign Exchange (FX) and Fixed Income. In 2022, Flow Traders launched a dedicated CVC fund, Flow Traders Capital.

Our culture is unique. We are entrepreneurs at heart and drive innovation across financial markets. We are a team of passionate, creative minds working together across multi functions and countries. Through our entrepreneurial spirit people have opportunities to grow and develop themselves and build a career. Flow Traders offers fantastic opportunities and benefits to ensure our team are at their best.

Core to Flow Traders’ DNA is to reward the people for their contributions and have a remuneration approach to reflect this, sharing in profits. This approach has enabled us to foster a culture of ownership and embeds a high level of risk-awareness at every level of the organization. We also strive for continuous improvement and hold ourselves to industry-leading compliance and regulatory standards.